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Photo by Lucy Kynge, Beijing, 25 February 2006

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After completing an MA(Hons) in modern Chinese studies at the University of Edinburgh, Tim Beal went on to do a Diploma in Business Administration followed by a PhD on China's terms of trade. He subsequently studied Japanese at Sheffield University and was Ferranti Research Fellow at the Centre for Japanese Studies at Stirling University. He has taught on subjects ranging from Chinese politics to international marketing at universities in Britain, Japan, China and New Zealand, where he moved in 1987. He was a senior lecturer in the School of Marketing and International Business teaching mainly international marketing, and Asian business environment. He retired in July 2009 but continues part time as a Research Fellow.
He jointly supervises a Masters student dissertation on culture and the wine market, and coordinates a distance course on International Marketing MARK352 . He is also involved with two research projects. One is on wine in Asia entitled 'Wine Marker of Social Change'. The major component of that so far has been a project on the wine market in Japan and Singapore funded by the Asia:New Zealand Foundation. The other is on NZ services companies operating in China and India entitled Service Success in Asia , funded by the New Zealand Foundation for Research, Science, and Technology.

He was foundation director of the Centre for Asia/Pacific Law and Business (CAPLAB) at Victoria University of Wellington, 1992-98. He was Secretary of the NZ Asian Studies Society 1995-8 during which time he edited the 2nd edition of the NZASIA Directory of Asian Studies. He created the society's website and a web version of the Directory. He is currently Chairman and Executive Director of the Asia Pacific Research Institute of New Zealand (APRI) , Member of the Advisory Board of the NZ Journal of Asian Studies,and of International Quarterly Journal of Marketing ,an Associate Editor of International Journal of Digital Management, Co-editor of Pyongyang Report , Secretary of the NZ-DPRK Society, a co-ordinator of The Asia Forum, and an Associate of Japan Focus . He is an Honorary Research Fellow of the Open Polytechnic of New Zealand. and a member of the Council of the Asian Studies Institute of Victoria University. He is also Honorary Research Fellow, Political Economy Research Centre (PERC), University of Sheffield.

He was a recipient of a Canadian Government Canada-Asia-Pacific Award for 2003 to research Canada-DPRK relations. From September to December 2003 he was a visiting professor in the College of Business Administration, Korea University, Seoul. He also does occasional teaching at the European Overseas Campus in Bali of the University of Flensburg. He is a member of the National Council for New Zealand of the Council for Security in Asia/Pacific (CSCAP). Since late 2003 he has also been active in generating multimedia resources for teaching and research on Doing Business in Asia involving filming, so far, in South Korea, North Korea, Malaysia, Japan, and Hong Kong. His latest book, North Korea: The Struggle against American Power, was published by Pluto Press of London in September 2005; a Korean edition was published in October 2010. He is a member of the international editorial advisory board of the Journal of Islamic Marketing launched in 2010.
In October 2010 he was a Visiting Fellow at the Center for Regional Economic Studies (CRES) of the Korea Institute for International Economic Policy (KIEP), Seoul on a project entitled ‘Korea's FTAs and their implications for the Korean wine market’ . While at KIEP he produced a working paper, soon to be published, and gave lectures to two universities on the topic. He also wrote a piece for the EMERICs website India and China – Recognising the differences

In November 2010 he paid a short visit to the DPRK (his fifth) with Hon Matt Robson. He has an article on China-DPRK economic relations appearing in the Korea Yearbook 2011 and his next book Crisis in Korea: America, China, and the Risk of War will be published by Pluto Press in August

He is currently working on three book projects:

He maintains a number of websites, the major one being on Asian Geopolitics


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