This site is maintained by Tim Beal as a repository of links to articles, mainly on geopolitics, with a focus on Asia, particularly Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea).
It was previously entitled DPRK-NORTH Korea and was hosted by Victoria University of Wellington until my retirement.

4 December 2016

front cover Books by Tim Beal on Korean issues:

  • Crisis in Korea: America, China, and the Risk of War

    Available from good bookshops worldwide, such as Arthur Probsthain’s in London, from Amazon, or direct from the publisher and agents:

  • North Korea: The Struggle against American Power
    Pluto Press, 2005
  • NZ-DPRK Society
    The official website of the NZ-DPRK Society, working to increase awareness, understanding and contact  between the people  of New Zealand and the DPRK

    ROK & Inter-Korean
    Europe, Australia, Canada
    General foreign relations & UN
    Food Supply and Aid
    Economy, Trade and Business
    Softwar, Cyberwar, Education, S&T
    Sports and Tourism
    Papers & Commentaries
    Seminars, films, and books
    Domestic DPRK
    South Asia
    Satellite and Nuclear issues
    World issues

  • About this site
  • Counterfeiting
    Incomplete dossier on counterfeiting and BDA issues, only updated infrequently and incompletely

    Pyongyang Report
    A periodic newsletter first published in 1999 but now regretfully discontinued because of other commitments

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