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Vol 14, N2, 22 February 2012

2012: Turning point for the Korean peninsula?


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Illustrated version


Vol 14 N1, 24 January 2012

Delving deeper: Reflections on the response to the death of Kim Jong Il


Vol 13 N 2, 6 December 2011

Theatre of War: Smoke and mirrors on the Korean peninsula on the anniversary of the Yeonpyeong Incident


Vol 13 No 1 August 2011

Russian chess: Russia moves to use economics to promote peace in Northeast Asia (pdf)



Vol 12 No 1 December 2010

Fire fight at Yeonpyeong: the manufacturing of crisis (docx)

Fire fight at Yeonpyeong: the manufacturing of crisis (odt)

Fire fight at Yeonpyeong: the manufacturing of crisis (pdf)

Fire fight at Yeonpyeong; the manufacturing of crisis (html)



Vol 11 No 1 June 2009

Unravelling the geopolitics of the US-DPRK standoff (pdf)


Vol 10 No 1 May 2008


n  Pyongyang Report enters tenth year

n  Commentary: On the brink - Prospects for US-DPRK settlement dim, yet again

n  News Reports

n  US-DPRK negotiations and the curious Syrian affair

n  IT outsourcing in DPRK

n  NZ teacher returns to Pyongyang


Word version





Vol 9 No 4 October 2007


n  Invisible WMD – the effect of sanctions

n  2nd North-South summit; hopes and issues

n  Six party Talks re-open in Beijing

n  ‘Floods and the NZ response; donations to NZ Friendship Farm


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Vol 9 No 3 July 2007


n  The February agreement – prospects and problems

n  Case of terror bombing of South Korean plane reopened

n  Bolton’s ghost haunts UN – vexatious charges against UNDP

n  ‘Swinging from the chandeliers - NZ-style teaching in Pyongyang


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Vol 9 No 2 April 2007


n  The mysteries of US foreign policy, if there is one

n  The Banco Delta Asia affair – another case of fabricated charges?

n  Joint venture pharmaceutical company seeks aid business

n  More revelations about US Korean War massacres


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Vol 9 No 1 March 2007

n  The Agreement to implement the Joint Statement – a search for quiet on the East Asian Front?

n  Text of the Agreement; reactions and analyses

n  Wolfgang Rosenberg dies

n  The gifting of a tractor to the Korea-NZ Friendship Farm


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Vol 8 Nos 4&5

n  DPRK nuclear test – Bush’s godchild?

n  China brokers resumption of Six Party Talks

n  Japan moves further toward remilitarisation; nuclear weapons feared

n  Software outsourcing possibilities in North Korea


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Vol 8 Nos2&3 July 2006

n  Reactions to DPRK missile tests

n  More doubts about counterfeiting allegations

n  Collapse of Pong Su case undercuts US narcotics claims

n  Investment and trade move ahead


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Vol 8 No 1 January 2006

n  Counterfeiting concern over counterfeiting?

n  Friction builds between Washington and Seoul

n  North sends rice to South; first since aid in 1984

n  Inter-Korean trade hits $1billion in 2005


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Vol 7 No 3 December 2005

n  Six Party Talks: from Breakthrough to Breakdown

n  Growing ROK exasperation with US policy over DPRK and talks

n  Anti-Avian Flu campaign in DPRK

n  Practical measures to help: The NZ-Korea Friendship Farm

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Vol 7 No 2 August 2005

n  The Logic of Empire and the deadlock in the Six Party Talks

n  Bush Korea policy criticised at home and abroad

n  Nuclear dangers: US bombing of nuclear plant, Japanese remilitarisation

n  Disinformation from Washington and Tokyo

n  North-South software cooperation

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Vol 7 No 1  March 2005

n  A new cold War in East Asia?

n  Echoes of Iraq: US ‘distorted’ uranium evidence

n  Chinese Foreign Minister, South Korean opposition leader call for US to negotiate with DPRK

n  Many refugees lured by money and false hopes

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Vol 6 No 4  November 2004

n  The American election – what now?

n  Seoul tries to push US to talk, Pyongyang offers olive branch

n  US practised strikes, had secret nuclear weapons in SK in late ‘90s

n  More doubts on terrorism charge; was KAL flight blown up by SK agents?

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Vol 6 No 3  June 2004

n  American impasse continues

n  Germany opens reading room in Pyongyang

n  Korean Civil Society groups attack US human rights bill

n  NZ and DPRK – a developing relationship

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Vol 6 No 2  April 2004

n  Six Party Talks and US policy

n  Drug allegations looking increasingly dubious

n  NZ and DPRK – farm, festival and tourism study

n  Word version


Vol 6 No 1  January 2004

n  Doubts mount about enriched uranium allegation

n  Bush’s former North Korea envoy attacks administration’s NK policies

n  WFP calls for continued aid, rebuts charges of diversion


Vol 5 No 3  July 2003

n  The Washington-Pyongyang impasse continues

n  US war plans violate international law, armistice

n  Perry, Harrison, Weldon, scholars and religious leaders call for negotiations


Vol 5 No 2  May 2003

n  Fallout from the invasion of Iraq

n  US-DPRK relations – Agreed Framework to Beijing talks


Vol 5 No 1 March 2003

n  Bush under increasing pressure to negotiate

n  Roh Moo-hyun’s ‘Peace and Prosperity’ policy

n  Child malnutrition falls

n  DPRK ‘making mark in animation’

n  Not only reactors and rockets: Internet and cell phones in DPRK



Vol 4 No 5 December 2002

n  Roh Moo-hyun’s victory offers opportunities and challenges

n  Roh may pose dilemma to Bush

n  Experts call on US to negotiate with Pyongyang

n  Inter-Korea trade, software exports  up, banking strengthened

n  New DPRK ambassador to NZ



Vol 4 No 4 October 2002

n  Kelly visits Pyongyang – beginnings of a thaw?

n  Millions face food aid cut-off, WFP warns

n  Special zone established in Sinuiju; Kaesong next?

n  Japan moving to normalize relations, pay reparations

n  North-South relations warmed by sports ties


Vol 4 No 3 August 2002

n  Pyongyang defuses West Sea incident crisis, reinvigorates dialogue

n  Two Koreas celebrate Liberation Day together

n  Constructive engagement builds trust

n  Economic reform – learning from abroad

n  NZ-DPRK relations move forward



n  Vol 4 No 2 June 2002

n  Aid programme in danger

n  Washington frustrates Seoul, vexes Pyongyang

n  Refugees – Pawns in a wider game?



n  Vol 4 No 1 February 2002

n  Worldwide reaction to ‘Axis of  Evil’ speech

n  Seoul awaits Bush visit with apprehension and determination


n  Vol 3 No 5 December 2001

n  UN Appeal: Need for environment enabling transition to rehabilitation

n  Harvest up 38% but aid still required

n  Seoul rebuts US claims; Pyongyang signs anti-terrorism pacts

n  Afghanistan, Iraq…Next target Pyongyang?

n  NZ Ambassador to DPRK; Presbyterian invitation to Pyongyang



n  Vol 3 No 4 October 2001

n  N-S talks resume with renewed momentum

n  ROK Defence Ministry: No military build-up in North

n  DPRK condemns terrorism; calls for US to drop its hostile attitude

n  Selig Harrison and Joe Biden on NMD and Bush Korea policy

n  NZ Delegation to DPRK; Ambassadors appointed



n  Vol 3 No 3 June 2001


n  South Koreans urge Bush to contribute to Korean peace

n  ROK government pressures US with fighter deal

n  US resumes negotiations with DPRK

n  US university programme in Pyongyang

n  NGOs call for increased aid

n  NZ Delegation to DPRK

n  Vol 3 No 2 April 2001

n  US-Korean relations worsen; inter-Korean relations on hold

n  NZ and DPRK establish diplomatic relations

n  DPRK Foreign Minister to visit Australia

n  SPA signals conditional opening up


n  Vol 3 No 1 February 2001

n  Bush victory casts pall on Korean peace efforts

n  Kim Jong Il visits China – are new economic policies imminent?

n  Food situation worsens – WFP

n  British aid worker on working in DPRK


n  Vol 2 No 5 December 2000

n  Inter-Korean relations–second family reunions

n  US: Albright visit; Condoleezza Rice; Nogun Ri massacre

n  Food situation worsens: Congressman Hall; World Food Programme

n  Pyongyang: Computer expo, exam fever

n  Australian FM Downer visits Pyongyang

·         Vol 2 No 4 October 2000

n  Inter-Korean relations post Summit – family reunions lead the way

n  Kim Jong Il’s dialogue with South Korean media heads

n  DPRK buffeted by drought, typhoon: food situation difficult

n  DPRK foreign relations: NZ team in Pyongyang discussing recognition


·         Vol 2 No 3 August 2000

n  The Inter-Korean Summit

n  ASEAN Regional Forum; DPRK to establish relations with Canada, NZ

n  World Food Programme food supply report 24 July: Position still precarious


·         Vol 2, No 2 May 2000

o    Inter-Korean Summit

§  Overview

§  ROK announcement

§  DPRK announcement

§  Netizens send ideas to Kim for summit

§  NK to Step Up Presence in Int'l Bodies Via ARF Entry

§  Majority of S. Koreans Sees NK as Partner of Cooperation

§  May to bring about rapid political changes on Korean Peninsula

§  Summit success could be too much for US, Japan

§  Entrepreneurs Rush to Visit N. Korea

o    Australia, DPRK re-establish relations

o    Minister urges NZ link with N Korea

o    NZ Journal of Asian Studies special supplement


·         Vol 2, No 1 March 2000

o    Pyongyang's 'Diplomatic Offensive'

o    Other news: KEDO, Korean War, satellite TV, missile threat debunked


Eased U.S. sanctions makes North Korea confident: Japanese professor



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